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Published on October 16, 2013

Linda Stark - Back Surgery Patient

Linda Stark is unfortunately no stranger to surgery. In the past few years, she has undergone two separate knee replacement operations. After her second knee surgery in 2011, she began to notice a pain in her hip. Her doctor suspected the pain was originating from Linda’s back and suggested she seek consultation with Dr. Raymond Hwang at the KishHealth System Spine Center. After being evaluated by Dr. Hwang and having a subsequent MRI, it was determined that Linda’s symptoms were coming from spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. Linda tried a variety of non-surgical treatments but when these did not sufficiently relieve her symptoms, Dr. Hwang recommended surgery.

“I had a sharp nerve pain that was shooting down the back of my legs. I felt pain when I was trying to sit down or stand up, while walking or reaching for something in my cabinets. Dr. Hwang recommended surgery and since I had such good results with my knee surgeries, I decided to go ahead with the spine surgery.”

“Dr. Hwang was wonderful. He was very understanding. He explained all of the risks involved with the surgery and told me what to expect afterwards. I love Dr. Hwang.”

“Due to family issues, I had to put off surgery until March of 2013. I was in the hospital for five days and actually started physical therapy while I was still in the hospital. They had me sitting up the day after my surgery and walking the halls with the aid of my back brace and walker the next day.“

“Currently I have no spine pain and no pain from the surgery. I’m very glad I went through with the procedure.”

“Kishwaukee Hospital is a completely new hospital. It has improved so much over the last 30 years. All aspects of the hospital are wonderful from the therapists, nurses and doctors to the rooms and the food.”

“I would recommend anyone with pain similar to mine to listen to their surgeon’s advice and consider the surgery. It certainly helped me.”

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