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Published on October 16, 2013

Sharon Stefani - Back Surgery Patient

Sharon StefaniSharon Stefani, of DeKalb, just retired from Castle Bank after working there for 42 years. She retired with the intention of getting involved in volunteer work at Kishwaukee Hospital or with Hospice. Unfortunately, Sharon has been unable to follow through with her plans due to pain in her back which caused her legs to go numb. She also experienced considerable leg fatigue after walking short distances.

She called Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Raymond Hwang’s office and made an appointment for a consultation. Her brother and his wife came to that first appointment with Sharon and the three came in with many questions to ask the doctor. Dr. Hwang spoke with Sharon at length and after examining her, went over her MRI in detail. He explained where her symptoms were coming from and the various treatment options. When Sharon did not improve with non-surgical treatment, surgery was recommended. Dr. Hwang took ample time in the office that day to go over everything and answer their questions, making Sharon feel confident to go ahead with the surgery.

A week later, when Sharon was in the hospital for her back surgery, Dr. Hwang decompressed the nerves, removed a degenerated disc and performed a fusion at two levels. He came in twice a day to see her during her hospital stay. Sharon said, “He always had a smile on his face and made me feel like I was doing great. His bedside manner is wonderful. Dr. Hwang showed so much respect to my family and friends, answering all their questions.”

Sharon said, “Kishwaukee Hospital and the community are so lucky to have him here. Dr. Hwang is one in a million. When people think of back surgery, they remember what people used to say about it: ‘Don’t have anything done with the back.’ Dr. Hwang changed that for me.” She continued, “I consider Dr. Hwang a friend and I have sent a lot of people to him. Everyone agrees and is in awe of Dr. Hwang.” She wants people to know: “It is not necessary to go out of town to Madison, Chicago, or Rockford, I’m so happy there are these doctors here.”

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