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Published on November 08, 2011

Rhonda Henke, Signature™ Knee Replacement Patient, KishHealth System Joint Center

Rhonda Henke Video

Patient Testimonial Video

Rhonda Henke describes her Signature™ Knee Replacement experience at The Center for Joint Care at Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb, IL.

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My name is Rhonda and I had a total knee replacement done here at Kishwaukee Hospital back in March. The pain that you experience when you have joint discomfort creeps into all aspects of your life. It affects how you interact with loved ones and co-workers. When I woke in the morning, the first thing I thought about was pain. I would have to lie there and talk myself into getting up and moving. People say, “I pray for a miracle. I pray to have no more pain anymore.” Dr. Jain really was a miracle worker. He not only fixed my knee, but he gave me my life back.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be a good candidate for a knee replacement. I had been told many times that I would not be because of all of the past surgeries that I had. But Dr. Jain recommended a new procedure called Signature™ Knee Replacement surgery. It’s done with a series of MRI images that creates a three-dimensional image of not just your knee but also the entire leg.

The staff at the Center for Joint Care recommended that I start my rehab even before I had surgery. Not only did they recommend rehab strength training and things of that nature, they also suggested an anti-inflammatory diet. Once my surgery was over, I was up and walking to rehab within 24 hours. They don’t focus on what you cannot do; they really focus on what you can do.

I am a night nurse at DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center, and I love that job. It is the greatest job on earth. But before I had surgery I really doubted whether or not I would be able to continue. Now that I have recovered from my surgery, not only have I been able to return to work, but I am stronger and better than ever!


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