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Published on November 12, 2011

Robert Rosenfeld, Lung Cancer Survivor, KishHealth System Cancer Center

Robert Rosenfeld

Robert Rosenfeld

Robert Rosenfeld credits a dedicated team of physicians and care givers for the early detection of his lung cancer in May 2010. From Dr. R. Patel at the DeKalb Clinic, to Dr. S.W. Chang, a Sycamore pulmonologist, to Dr. Sabet Siddiqui and Dr. Amit Bhate at Kishwaukee Community Hospital’s Cancer Center, and Dr. Robert B. Love at Loyola University Medical Center, Rosenfeld said everyone worked together to ensure coordinated treatment for the best possible outcome.Dr. Siddiqui, medical oncology/hematology physician at The Cancer Center at Kishwaukee Community Hospital, said that although caught early, Rosenfeld’s case was complex. As it turned out he had two types of lung cancer at the same time.

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Robert Rosenfeld, Lung Cancer Survivor describes his patient experience at The Cancer Center at Kishwaukee Hospital.

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“His PET scan showed that the tumor appeared to be small, but it was in the middle of his left lung. Our partnership with Loyola turned out to be very beneficial in this case because the tumor extended closer to the bronchial tubes than the scan showed,” said Dr. Siddiqui.“Dr. Love is a specialist in heart and lung surgery. He basically did a reconstruction of his lung, almost like plastic surgery, using Mr. Rosenfeld’s pericardial vascular flap from his heart and reconstructing the airway to allow one lobe of the lung to be preserved.“In most cases, a patient would have his entire lung removed, but Dr. Love was able to save Mr. Rosenfeld from a mega-surgery that would have meant he would have been on oxygen the rest of his life and a higher morbidity rate,” he said. 

Dr. Siddiqui said the partnership between The Cancer Center at Kish and Loyola is “phenomenal, and this case is an excellent example of why.”Dr. Love agreed, explaining that Loyola is pioneering many life-saving treatment options not available elsewhere.

“We are doing minimally invasive surgeries and using robotics for lobectomies when possible. Lung cancer is a real complicated disease to treat. Where patients receive their first treatment often makes a difference in their outcome because deciding on a plan of therapy is critical,” he said.The collaboration between Loyola and The Kishwaukee Community Hospital Cancer Center allows patients the best treatment options available in both health systems, he said.

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