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Published on December 04, 2012

Alyssa Lopez - Physical Therapy Patient 

Alyssa Lopez Video

Patient Testimonial Video

Alyssa Lopez, a gymnast, describes her physical therapy and rehabilitation experience at Unlimited Performance in Sycamore, IL.

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With a torn ligament in her foot, gymnast Alyssa Lopez was facing a long road to return to competition. Through rehab at Unlimited Performance, she was able to return to compete, and went on to win at the State and National level.

Alyssa Lopez said, “I tore a ligament in my foot and my two bones were rubbing together. I was out for a year, in and out of a boot and a cast. It was tough.”

“Amanda was my physical therapist and I loved her,” Alyssa said. “Every time I went back I would always ask for her. She not only helped me with my injuries when I was doing physical therapy with her, but I also connected with her. It’s not just going there and seeing a doctor and talking about your injury. We had conversations and she helped me with things outside of physical therapy, like friends and other stuff. I really liked working with her.”

Due to her physical therapy, Alyssa was able to recover and get back to doing what she loves most. She said, “They seriously fixed my feet. I’m so much healthier because of them. I haven’t had any problems, and it was just a great experience going there.” Though off for an entire year, Alyssa was able to get back to competing and winning. “I won State for high school, and then I just won Nationals for high school. I actually went undefeated this whole year,” she said. “It’s really cool. Especially after being injured for a whole year—coming back and doing that, I was really happy.”

Alyssa said, “Unlimited Performance really helped me stay positive and confident.”


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