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Visiting Guidelines

Because we believe family, friends, and significant others contribute a great deal to an individual’s ability to cope with illness or injury and aid in the recovery process, general hospital visiting hours are unrestricted.

You, the patient, can tell us when you would or would not like to have visitors.

We do ask visitors to allow adequate rest for our patients and to provide for a quiet atmosphere for patients to recuperate. Individuals who have colds, sore throats, or any contagious diseases should not visit patients.

We understand the importance of relationships with children and the role they play in the healing process. It is also important to remember that children’s decreased immunities, limited attention spans, and safety issues may mean it is best for children not to visit in the hospital. Check with your nurse for help in determining if it would be appropriate for children to visit you. When children do visit, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Pets and other animals are not allowed in any health system facilities accept for dogs from the Healing Paws program and service animals.

Some exceptions to unrestricted visiting are in place in the following areas:

Maternity Suites: Following the baby’s birth, visitors are encouraged to allow three to four hours recovery time before visiting. Part of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, KishHealth System recognizes the Sacred Hour after the babies birth. During this time, we encourage moms to hold their babies skin to skin to initiate bonding and breastfeeding in a gentle and soothing environment. During the Sacred Hour, friends and family may wait in the family waiting area. State regulations do not allow visitors under age 12 unless they are the brother or sister of the newborn.

Intensive Care Unit: Due to the specialized nature of this unit, we ask that there be no visitors under age 14 without special  permission from the patient’s nurse.

Visiting Hours

General hospital visiting hours are unrestricted. 

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