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Partners/Couples Counseling in Sycamore and Sandwich

Couples counseling is for those times in your marriage or long-term relationship when life with your partner is challenging. Every relationship experiences rough times. Through couples counseling at KishHealth System, you and your partner can discover new ways to communicate and work through problems affecting your life together.

Family Therapy at KishHealth System

Counseling at KishHealth Behavioral Health Services in Sycamore or in Sandwich can help your family hear each other’s feelings, deal with problems between a parent and a child, or work through a specific challenge.

Reasons for seeking family counseling include:

  • Adjustment after separation, divorce, or a new partner moving in
  • Issues with a step-parent or step-sibling
  • Problems between a parent and his or her child/adolescent
  • Children leaving home

The therapists at KishHealth System can help your family discover ways to live happily and successfully together.

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A variety of services are offered at our many Behavioral Health Services locations at:

Ben Gordon Center, DeKalb - 815.756.4875

Ben Gordon Center, Sandwich - 815.786.7544

760 Foxpointe Drive, Sycamore - 815.748.8334

1310 N. Main Street, Suite 207, Sandwich - 815.786.3764

KishHealth Physician Group, Sycamore - 815.758.8671

In the event of a crisis after hours, call 866.242.0111. A counselor will be paged.

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