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Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS) with Ben Gordon Center

Supportive services for youth age 21 and younger who have experienced a behavioral health crisis. Individuals accessing these services can elect to
receive case management, therapy/counseling, psychiatry, and/or referral and linkage support.

The SASS program is responsible for providing:

  • Rapid response pre-admission psychiatric hospitalization screenings;
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization services;
  • Support to children and families when a child is hospitalized;
  • Support to children and families when a child is maintained in the community in lieu of psychiatric hospitalization;
  • Family engagement and treatment in the home and other community-based settings;
  • Home-based family supports;
  • Case management across the systems in which the child and family are involved;
  • Family Resource Developer support;
  • Psychiatric services, including medication management, as needed;
  • Discharge planning during the child’s hospitalization to ensure immediate access to intensive community-based care; and
  • Post-crisis care coordination, helping children transition to non-crisis service and treatment.

* Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Contact Us

A variety of services are offered at our many Behavioral Health Services locations at:

Ben Gordon Center, DeKalb - 815.756.4875

Ben Gordon Center, Sandwich - 815.786.7544

760 Foxpointe Drive, Sycamore - 815.748.8334

1310 N. Main Street, Suite 207, Sandwich - 815.786.3764

KishHealth Physician Group, Sycamore - 815.758.8671

In the event of a crisis after hours, call 866.242.0111. A counselor will be paged.

Online Screening 

KishHealth System offers an anonymous screening for mental health and alcohol disorders.

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