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Multidisciplinary Clinics in DeKalb and Sandwich

The KishHealth System Cancer Centers offer multidisciplinary clinics that include the patient and everyone at KishHealth System involved in their care.

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Breast Clinic

For patients diagnosed with breast cancer, a meeting can be arranged with breast cancer specialists to discuss treatment options. The Breast Clinic is comprised of:

A complete care plan is developed with input from every discipline involved in the patient's care. Everyone involved will know exactly what the treatment plan is after the Breast Clinic meeting.

Head and Neck Clinic

Patients with head and neck cancer are evaluated and treated in the Head and Neck Clinic. The Clinic is ongoing throughout the patient’s treatment and is comprised of:

    Supportive Care Clinic

    For patients with Stage IV lung or pancreatic cancer, the Supportive Care Clinic determines the best plan for meeting physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs during this stage of cancer treatment. Individuals involved in this clinic include:

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    To learn how to schedule an appointment to be seen in the KishHealth System Cancer Centers, please call medical oncology:

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