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Cardiac Rehab in DeKalb and Sandwich

KishHealth System offers four phases of cardiopulmonary rehab at Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb and Valley West Hospital in Sandwich, including cardiac rehab exercises, stress management techniques, nutrition counseling, and health maintenance for patients with known heart disease and respiratory illnesses. Our program is:

  • Medically supervised in four cardiac rehab phases;
  • Individualized to assist patients with stress management, weight loss and other factors to enhance well-being;
  • Multidisciplinary team which includes:
    • Nurses
    • Exercise physiologist
    • Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Respiratory therapist
    • Pharmacist
    • Registered dietitian

Multidisciplinary Team

The team assists patients in goal setting, lifestyle modification and education.

  • A physician’s order is necessary for cardiac rehab phases 1, 2.
  • An order from a doctor, advanced practice nurse or physician assistant is required for Phases 3 and 4.
  • Any patient with any kind of cardiac or respiratory illness diagnosis is eligible for Phase 3 and 4.

Four Phases of Cardiac Rehab

Inpatient (Phase 1)

While the patient is hospitalized, a structured exercise and education program is designed for the individual. When the physician orders Phase I Cardiac Rehab, the program is started immediately at the hospital, if the patient is physically able. Many patients do not have Phase I since inpatient times are often very short. A patient is started with Phase II if he or she has an appropriate diagnosis.

Immediate Outpatient (Phase 2)

The primary goal of the immediate outpatient program is to assist patients in understanding, identifying and achieving their safe maximum exercise level, and begin to modify risk factors to prevent future heart disease.

Maintenance (Phase 3 & 4)

Maintenance Cardiopulmonary Rehab is a medically supervised outpatient exercise, education, and risk reduction program for persons who have a cardiac or pulmonary diagnosis. Participants exercise independently under staff supervision. For patients who did not participate in a Phase II program, a stress test may be required before they start. Phase III and IV are prepaid services and not billed to insurance. Patients are encouraged to attend at least three times per week.

Insurance Coverage and Scholarships

Medicare, Medicaid, and most other insurance plans cover the first three phases of cardiac rehab. The KishHealth System Foundation has funds available for scholarships for Phase IV maintenance. Please send an email for more information.


The Cardiopulmonary Rehab program offers a core rotation of class topics with additional topics available based on patient needs. The class topics are:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Risk factors
  • Diabetes
  • Intimacy
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • How to reduce stress


For more information about our Cardiac Rehab services, call:

Kishwaukee Hospital
- 815.756.1521 x153416
Valley West Hospital
- 815.786.3691
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