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Diagnosing Heart Disease in Northern Illinois

Cardiology Lab in DeKalb and Sandwich

When symptoms or cardiovascular risk factors warrant further investigation, the internists, family medicine doctors and cardiologists on the KishHealth System medical staff refer patients to a KishHealth System Cardiology Laboratory at Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb and Valley West Hospital in Sandwich. Our hospitals use the best cardiovascular ultrasound technology available. This equipment allows the machine to be taken to a patient’s room for his or her convenience.

Cardiology Lab procedures for diagnosing heart disease often require a patient to be on a treadmill. Diagnostic procedures include:

  • Stress test with EKG and blood pressure monitor
  • Stress echo (echocardiogram)
  • Nuclear stress test, stress and dobutamine echocardiograms
  • Echocardiogram Adult and Pediatric
  • Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE)
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Routine EKG

Cardiologists, cardiac nurses, nuclear medicine technologists, and cardiac sonographers administer the tests. If they suspect blockages, irregular heartbeat, or other heart abnormalities, they will refer you to cardiac catheterization or interventional radiology for further diagnosis or treatment.

Partnering with Rockford Cardiovascular Associates in DeKalb

In addition to the hospital cardiology labs, cardiac patients in the DeKalb/Sycamore area have access to the latest diagnostic technologies through Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group. These cardiologists are based in DeKalb and partner with KishHealth System. They offer:


Four patient care technicians (PCTs) perform EKG tracings that provide your physician with pertinent information about your heart rhythms.

Holter Monitoring

You are connected to a 24-hour holter-monitoring device that records continuous activity of your heart. You are also given a diary to log any symptoms/activity that may occur during the monitoring period. When you return the monitor, your physician reviews the entire recording period.

King of Hearts Event Monitoring

King of Hearts event monitoring is similar to the holter, except it monitors for a 30-day time period. You push the record button when you experience a cardiac event such as a flutter or increased heart rate. These events are then recorded and rhythm strips are printed for your physician. This type of monitoring is useful for those patients who can feel their cardiac events as they happen or may not experience symptoms on a daily basis.

Device Clinic

The Electrophysiology/Device Clinic is a specialty clinic designed to provide comprehensive follow-up after you receive a Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) such as a pacemaker and defibrillator.

The Device Clinic is open to individuals with existing devices who desire comprehensive follow-up and management of their device. The clinic is staffed by technicians who are available to answer device-specific questions and perform pacemaker and defibrillator interrogations. The clinic functions hand-in-hand with the electrophysiologists practicing with KishHealth System.

Cardiac Stress Testing

Our stress testing machine records your cardiac rhythms as you are put through a series of physical activities designed to record your heart at different levels of stress. If you are unable to walk on a treadmill, you may receive a medication to chemically “stress” your heart. Cardiac stress testing may or may not include imaging of your heart as ordered by your physician/cardiologist.

Sleep Disorder Center in DeKalb and Sandwich

Studies show a correlation between heart disease and sleep disorders. People with heart disease have a high incidence of sleep apnea. Also, sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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