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Joint Center Patient Testimonials

Joe LoCascio, 10 days post hip replacement surgery

I’m walking a mile at the YMCA, and I’m just about to trade in my walker for a cane. I find myself stunned at the progress I’ve made, but I realize it is totally and completely because of… the wonderful program you’ve put together at Kish. The staff  made my recovery and comfort the highest priority.

Judy Witanowski, 2 weeks post knee replacement surgery

Thanks for all the good work you and your team did in getting me on my feet and on the way to recovery. I consider myself a poster-child for knee replacement. Still using a nominal amount of pain killer but don't anticipate any difficulties there. The joint class answered many questions and certainly gave me more insight into some of the problems I would encounter. Keep up the good work.

Gary Berg, 60, one month post surgery

I have had both knees replaced, the first one before the Center for Joint Care program began. Now with my second knee, I’m two weeks ahead of where I was with my first one. The new technique for bandaging allowed my knee to bend. That flexibility and rehab the day immediately after surgery made all the difference. I gave up my walker in two weeks, then my crutches, then the cane. At three-and-one-half weeks, I was walking on my own.

Priscilla Pisarski, Lead Volunteer

Priscilla is a 70 year old grandmother of 8 and a great grandmother of 2, who raised 4 children of her own. Now retired, she gives her time to helping people who have had joint replacements as the Lead Volunteer of the Center for Joint Care. “Without the surgery performed by Dr. Jain, I know that I would not have the life I live today. I get great joy in seeing the patients return to a more comfortable and independent life.

Rhonda Henke, Signature™ Knee Replacement Patient

My name is Rhonda and I had a total knee replacement done here at Kishwaukee Hospital back in March. The pain that you experience when you have joint discomfort creeps into all aspects of your life. It affects how you interact with loved ones and co-workers. When I woke in the morning, the first thing I thought about was pain. I would have to lie there and talk myself into getting up and moving. People say, “I pray for a miracle. I pray to have no more pain anymore.” Dr. Jain really was a miracle worker. He not only fixed my knee, but he gave me my life back.

Pam Ferdinand, Hip Replacement Patient

After the surgery, Pam was impressed by the care she received right away in the hospital. “Dave Smith (Joint Center coordinator), all the nurses, and CNA’s were amazing.” She even recognized one of her former French students, Physical Therapist Megan Griffey. Pam felt like she was in really good hands, seeing faces she recognized and knowing they were experts in her care. “Who could not love Dr. Jain?” Pam commented. “You feel like he’s treating you like a family member. Outstanding.”

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