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The Sacred Hour - What does that mean?

Baby laying skin to skin on mom with dad nearbyThe first minutes and hours of a new baby’s life are an amazing time for mom and baby. Finally, they get to meet and begin learning about each other. The best place for this discovery to begin is in mom’s arms. Because we want mom and baby to spend this time in a gentle, soothing environment, KishHealth System has a sacred hour.

The Sacred Hour is the time after birth when mom, baby, and one other support person will begin to discover each other with as little interruption as possible. We will encourage mom to hold her baby skin to skin. In mom’s arms, babies are better able to stabilize their heart rate, body temperature and breathing, and breastfeeding is more successful. The need for mom and baby to be together is met by keeping baby in mom’s arms. After this uninterrupted time of bonding, mom and baby may welcome visitors. During the sacred hour, friends and family may wait in the family waiting area. If you have questions or want more information about the Sacred Hour and our initiative to promote breastfeeding, please ask a KishHealth System Maternity Suites nurse.


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