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LDRP Birthing Rooms in DeKalb and Sandwich

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  • Kishwaukee Hospital Maternity Suites LDRP Room
  • LDRP Room at  Kishwaukee Hospital Maternity Suites
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  • Nursery at the Maternity Suites in DeKalb
  • LDRP Room at Valley West Hospital Maternity Suites
  • Valley West Hospital Maternity Suites LDRP Room

The maternity suites at Kishwaukee Hospital and Valley West Hospital are specially designed and equipped to allow you to labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care (LDRP) in one spacious, comfortable room throughout your stay.

Each room is staffed by highly trained, caring nurses and offers the following amenities:

  • Flat screen TV with access to entertainment options (new release movies, music, etc.)
  • Comfortable seating for family and visitors
  • Overnight accommodations for support person
  • Rooming-in for baby
  • Large private bathroom and closets
  • Customized photo session with photographer
  • Refrigerator
  • Complimentary WIFI access for personal/mobile devices
  • Complimentary refreshments for visitors
  • Birthing chair
  • Birthing bar (installed upon request)
  • Birthing ball (available upon request)
  • Telemetry monitor during labor
  • Warm wood flooring and upholstered furniture
  • Large windows that bring lots of natural light

Every mother who gives birth with KishHealth System also receives a Mom/baby care booklet upon discharge.

When you’re ready and able to eat, you can select from an expansive menu and take advantage of hotel-style room service. 

Hospital Safety and Baby Tracker Services

Our HUGS baby tracker device with coded baby identification wristband assures the safety and security of your newborn.

In addition to your baby rooming in with you, he or she will have a computerized tag for identification and location purposes. The Maternity Suites are locked for the safety of the infants and their families. Security staff is available 24/7.

Take a tour of Maternity Suites at either of KishHealth System’s hospitals in DeKalb and Sandwich. 

Maternity Suites Tours

Schedule a personal tour of our Maternity Suites today.

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Come Prepared!

When packing your bag to bring to the hospital, don't forget to include your filled out pre-registration form! 


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