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Pain Care Goals

At KishHealth System’s Spine and Pain Care Center, our goals for every patient are to:

  • Develop realistic expectations about pain control
  • Improve function and movement
  • Encourage open communication between patient and the pain management provider
  • Develop active patient involvement in individual pain management plans.

In end-of-life situations where recovery is no longer possible, our pain management team will provide supportive and intensive attention to comfort.

Realistic Expectations for Pain Management

While 100% pain relief is certainly the ideal, such an expectation is frequently not realistic. Pain management can provide some relief and increase your comfort and function, but in many cases the source of the pain cannot be reversed. For example:

  • Disease, injury, lifestyle and aging cause tissues and organs to deteriorate over time, causing pain.
  • Certain fractures and injuries create lasting and painful mechanical problems.
  • Strokes and high stress levels can have irreversible residual pain effects.

Billing & Insurance

If required by your insurance carrier, please obtain pre-authorization for any pain or diagnostic procedures.

You will receive two statements for KishHealth System’s Spine and Pain Care Center services:

  • One statement will be from the hospital for services and supplies.
  • The other statement will be from Valley Pain Care Centers and will be for the practitioners' professional services. This statement will be sent from their billing services in Michigan. As a courtesy to you, your insurance company will automatically be billed for your services.

Disability Status

As pain management specialists, we are not qualified to do disability determinations.

Contact Us

Schedule a consultation and exam at one of these KishHealth System Pain Management Centers by calling:


A doctor’s referral is recommended.


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