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Pulmonary Rehabilitation in DeKalb

Pulmonary rehabilitation patients work with a respiratory therapist in Kishwaukee Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center. Our therapists work with your physician to customize a program that will meet your individual needs. Pulmonary rehab will help you:

  • Enhance your ability to perform everyday tasks
  • Learn how the lungs function and understand your lung problem
  • Learn the proper way to use inhalers and breathing medications
  • Improve exercise tolerance, endurance, and balance
  • Learn how to use an inhalation muscle strengthener
  • Use relaxation skills and avoid stressful situations that cause shortness of breath
  • Reduce length and frequency of hospital stays
  • Gain self-confidence and control
  • Resume social activities and work

A doctor’s order is required for pulmonary rehab. Up to 36 lifetime sessions are billable to insurance. You can also continue maintenance pulmonary rehab at your own expense.

Pulmonary Rehab Provides

  • Breathing techniques to help control your shortness of breath
  • Information on how the lungs work and how chronic breathing problems like
  • COPD and emphysema interfere with lung function
  • Aerobic exercise, flexibility, and resistance training using stairs, treadmills,
  • and exercise bicycles to increase your exercise tolerance
  • Stretching exercises to help with your balance and flexibility
  • A registered dietitian to teach you how different foods can affect breathing
  • Relaxation techniques to help you better handle panic attacks due to
  • breathing difficulties
  • Inspiratory muscle training
  • Information about respiratory medications and their proper use

Is Pulmonary Rehab Right for You?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, ask your doctor about the pulmonary rehab program:

  • Are you short of breath climbing stairs?
  • Are you short of breath walking long distances, like in a mall or grocery store?
  • Are you short of breath performing household chores?
  • Are you short of breath showering or dressing?
  • Are you afraid of having a breathing attack outside your home?
  • Do you avoid long trips or vacations?

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