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Surgical Imaging

Surgical imaging services allow physicians and surgeons to see internal images of the body, including bones and organs, prior to and during surgical procedures. These images help reduce risk and speed recovery.

Surgical imaging at KishHealth System provides guidance through the following surgical procedures:

  • Bronchoscopy allows a doctor to examine inside your airway for abnormalities.
  • Intraoperative Cholangiogram allows the physician to view the anatomy of the bile duct in the gallbladder when a catheter is place into the cystic duct. The bile is drained from the gallbladder into the common bile duct.
  • Ureteral Stent Placement allows a doctor to restore the flow of urine to the bladder.
  • Retrograde Study provides visuals of the entire ureter, which moves urine from the bladder to the kidneys, and allows physicians to see and monitor any blockages or abnormalities.
  • Open Reduction of Skeletal Fracture helps surgeons see the placement of broken and/or fractured bones before open surgery to promote healing. Open surgery involves the surgical cutting of skin and tissues in order to give surgeons direct access to the bones involved.
  • Closed Reduction of Skeletal Fracture permits surgeons to manipulate and repair fractured or broken bones without incisions into the skin.

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Before you call to schedule an appointment, your doctor’s office should fax your order for diagnostic tests to 815.748.8935. Appointments are available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. For information or to schedule an appointment, including mammography, call:

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To request copies of your images and reports, please call the individual hospital Medical Records Department

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