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During and After Your Hospital Stay

Patient Rooms 

Spine Center patients are hospitalized on a specially designated wing of our first floor orthopedic unit. This unit is staffed by highly trained personnel, including nurses and physical therapists, who specialize in the treatment and care of patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. All rooms are private and can easily accommodate several visitors at a time. Other features include:

  • 24-hour visitation
  • In-room refrigerator
  • Large bathroom
  • Flat screen TV connected to our GetWell Network, which provides educational information, email access, and entertainment (games, movies, television shows)

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital so patients and visitors can use their own laptops. Visitors can eat in our Garden Café or in the room by ordering off our At Your Request menu for a nominal charge.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Imaging

Surgical Imaging services available at Kish Hospital allow physicians and surgeons to see internal images of the body, including bones and organs, prior to and during surgical procedures. These images help reduce risk and speed recovery.

Kishwaukee Hospital and its radiologists have implemented a comprehensive initiative to reduce the radiation dose patients receive when they have a computed tomography (CT) scanX-ray or fluoroscopy exam

We continue to be on the forefront of technology with Digital MammographyMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and PET/CT. Patients can rest assured knowing that most tests their doctors prescribe can be performed here, right in DeKalb County.

Physical Therapy After Spine Surgery

KishHealth System Physical Therapy Center offers specialized, rehabilitative care after your spine surgery, helps patients increase their potential for a full recovery. Our team of physical and occupational therapists coordinate your care with the inpatient team to ensure consistency throughout your entire rehab experience. Our program uses the best evidence—based practices for post-operative treatment to maximize your range of motion and strength, and get you back to your normal activities in 6–12 weeks. With our state-of-the-art facility including a therapeutic pool, gymnasium and exercise equipment, we can help you accomplish your individual goals.

Contact Us

Make an appointment with our Spine Care Coordinator to learn more about our patient-centered process for back surgery or to schedule a tour.

Dave Smith, Spine Care Coordinator


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