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Spine Center Patient Testimonials

Hear from patients who found pain relief after surgery at the Spine Center at Kishwaukee Hospital.

Karen Crozier, Spondylolisthesis and Spinal Stenosis Patient
Before and after my surgery, I talked with many people about the procedure and all agreed that the outcome depended on the skill of the surgeon. Dr. Hwang is definitely a skilled surgeon. It was amazing. I could walk without pain 12 hours after surgery.

Denise Holzner, Herniated Disc Patient
Dave was excellent. He sat down with me to discuss what would happen during the surgery, typical recovery, treatment afterwards and how to take care of myself after surgery. I feel great. I went back to work a week early and started working half shifts. I was a little tender at first but now I feel like I am back to myself.

Jim Baenziger, Spinal Cord Tumor Patient
Dr. Gryfinski was awesome, and the nurses were awesome. They helped me keep a positive attitude and I feel that was important for me to get through this.”Jim was very impressed by the care he received from the nurses, CNAs, and physicians who cared for him at the hospital and throughout the diagnostic and treatment process. He was especially impressed when Dr. Gryfinski called him at home one evening to check on him. We’re both hockey fans, so he knew I would be home watching the game too.

Deb Paulin, Herniated Disc Patient
In the recovery room, I was so surprised when I woke up and realized the pain was gone. I could feel everything. The tingling and numbness in my fingers was gone. The pain that had run from the middle of my shoulder down my arm was gone. I would tell anyone with a similar injury, ‘Don’t wait.’ It was amazing to be in so much pain and then wake up in recovery and have no pain.

Linda Stark - Back Surgery Patient
Currently I have no spine pain and no pain from the surgery. I’m very glad I went through with the procedure.

Kishwaukee Hospital is a completely new hospital. It has improved so much over the last 30 years. All aspects of the hospital are wonderful from the therapists, nurses and doctors to the rooms and the food.

I would recommend anyone with pain similar to mine to listen to their surgeon’s advice and consider the surgery. It certainly helped me.

Marc Davison - Herniated Disc Patient
I’m very happy with everything—my surgeon, Dr. Hwang, and the staff at Kishwaukee Hospital. I’m very familiar with surgeries—I’ve had surgeries on my knees and hands before—this experience was different than those, no comparison. When you do internet research, there are a lot of unknowns. Dr. Hwang took the time to listen to my symptoms, I never felt rushed, and he put me at ease the first time meeting him. I had no hesitation in going forth with the surgery with him.

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