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Caring Support for Pediatric Surgery Patients

We understand that surgery can be especially stressful for children and their parents, so we do everything we can to make the experience as stress free as possible.

  • Children may bring their favorite stuffed toy or “security blanket” to keep them company. 
  • Pajamas and slipper-socks will be provided for your child to wear to surgery. 
  • Parents are encouraged to stay with their child until they are transported to surgery. 

As a parent or family member, you will receive periodic updates throughout your child’s surgery. Staff will be caring and gentle during the time that you are not with your child. 

To ease any anxiety your child may be feeling towards surgery, we offer a video and personalized Kids Tour that explains what to expect on the day of surgery. 

Kishwaukee Hospital Pediatric Surgical Tour

Kishwaukee Hospital Kids Surgical Tour

Watch the video!

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