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Having Surgery at a KishHealth System Hospital

Many surgeries procedures performed at KishHealth System Hospitals do not  require an overnight stay. Patients recover for 24 hours or less in the private patient bays in the Day Surgery Center at Valley West Hospital in Sandwich, and the Ambulatory Surgery Center and Cardiac & Vascular Interventional Suite at Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb.

Patients who need to stay for more than 24 hours are taken to the Medical/Surgical Unit or the Intensive Care Unit. With carpeted hallways and documentation stations outside each room, noise and intrusions are kept to a minimum, while your caregivers remain in close communication through pagers and hospital-based cell.

Recovery rooms at Kishwaukee and Valley West Hospitals boast the following amenities:

  • Privacy
  • Spacious with warm décor to enhance healing
  • Flat screen TV
  • Sleeper chair and recliner, or couch
  • Refrigerator
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Thermostat control
  • Food service availability

The Surgical Patient Guide provides more information on what to expect and how to prepare for your surgery.


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